Saturday morning…

…and the carpet’s been pressed with a bright trapezoid of sunshine. Sunshine! What a concept. Had the history of the universe taken an even slightly different turn, I could be sitting here with the exact same advantages and flaws but this time I’d be just a pool of slobbering extraterrestrial slime and typing, “Gbortnik! What a concept…”


A note about the silence that’s been surrounding this space of late. It isn’t because nothing’s been going on in my life – far from it, in fact – but the election shut down, at least for now, one of the major lines of discourse. (Bush’s reelection had a weird effect on a lot of my circle. One night I ran into my friend B.D., looking more haggard than usual, and I asked him what was up. Without any preamble he launched into a profane and agonized tirade about that day’s news – the murder of the Iraqi-born C.A.R.E. worker – talking about in terms one would normally reserve for a Nagasaki. But that’s the way things are now: it seems like everyone’s either benumbed and doesn’t want to talk about The Bullshit at all or else they’re completely on edge, able to be set off by any unpredictable thing.) Also, I’ve been preoccupied by tedious workaday concerns barely fit for thinking about much less subjecting others to, and I’ve been procrastinating on other fronts. (Why can’t that Pennies from Heaven piece just finish itself and leave me the fuck alone?) I’ve had a major distraction or two of late, that’s true, stuff that’s constantly turning my mind toward the willowy and quasi-depressed, plus the onrushing holidays have me wanting to just call a timeout on Reality until they’re all over. I can think of several less worthy New Year’s resolutions than promising to get my ass in here at least three times a week, but anyone who knows me also knows all about me and my promises.


So long as I’m here, though, I do want to use the chance to plug Hick Flicks, a study of ’70s-era redneck cinema by the Austin-based film critic Scott Von Doviak. (Von Doviak, a man of sterling wit in the worst of times, was a special hoot as he bewailed his contractual obligation to watch – and then think about – Cannonball Run 2 and the oeuvre of Claudia Jennings.) Hick Flicks comes out on 12/28 but I think you can preorder it through Amazon. Do both yourself and Scott a favor and pick a copy up.


Look. The trapezoid’s growing longer…

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