Talking over old times tonight my hands chanced to touch some cards and paper I haven’t seen in 40 years:

June 23, 1964
Dear Mom, We just got back from town. I got another book about the trilogy of the “BOUNTY”. It’s the 2nd story. It’s called “Men Against the Sea. It’s written by Nordhoff and Hall. It’s about Bligh’s trip back to England in the boat with his loyal men. Aunt Ginger left today. We are all fine. How are you? Love, Tom

June 26, 1964 Friday
Dear Mom, How are you? We are all fine. Grandma got a letter from Aunt Ginger. I saved the Kennedy stamp for you and it is enclosed in this letter. We went fishing last night at the 101 Ferry Dock. We caught a bunch of little ones. Gramps is fishing now. We’re going to get a couple of fireworks for the 4th of July. Love, Tom

June 29, 1964
Dear Mom, How are you? We are all fine. I wish you were here. We’re having lots of fun. I made a house out of old bords. Grandpa has a plastic flower and it has tube filled with liquid hummingbirds like. The hummingbirds come more than once a day. Love, Tom

July 1, 1964 Wednesday
Dear Mom, How are you? I’m fine. Polly and I wrote to Nanny and Pa. Gramps and I are going fishing today. Last night we went fishing on the ferry dock. We caught eight good-sized fish. Two of mine, not counting the eight, slipped off the hook and back into the water but second one was flopping around on the. When I tried to get it, I slipped and was sprawled all over the dock, arms and legs out, head down, and a big oof. Will you please send me Jerry’s address and the flippers. “The Bounty” book is good. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. Has a long beak and wings that go very fast. I miss you, Tom

P.S. There is a picture of hummingbird on the back.

July 5, 1964
Dear Mom, Grandpa and I went fishing this morning. I caught two Rainbow Trout with the spinning (the one I practiced with last summer). I caught one when Grandpa was getting another fishing pole. I caught both of the fish by myself. They’re about as long as this piece of paper. We were fishing by the dam. That model only kept me out of the pool hall for one day. Last night when told you we had The Fugitive on T.V. over the phone it was about Chicago. Kimble found the one-armed man, but the guy got away on the bus. Kimble was almost but he escaped. I like the model. Say hi to Jean Montgomery for me if you see him again. If you can’t bring my monster models, give them to him. But try and bring them. Say hi to Steve upstairs for me. I’m missing you awful. I miss you, Tom
P.S. Don’t give away my blue truck or Jeep truck or the yellow truck with the silver cap. Try and get a box from the grocery store for my monster models Please!!! I really want to keep them.

July 18, 1964
Dear Mom, While I’ve been here I’ve caught 5 trout. A couple of days ago I caught 2 and Gramps caught 1. The Grant’s dog has come down once in a while. When he comes down I play with him. I met this boy named John. He lives in Kansas. His birthday is on the same day as mine. So is his brother’s Joseph.
Love, Tom
c/o C.F. Coleman
Mallard Point Rd.
Mountain Home, Arkansas

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