Farm Life

I have no real point to make here except, perhaps, that it’s an abomination to bind a man—any man—to a pickaxe handle and leave him to lie in the midday sun. In any case it doesn’t hurt to remember that these men, and these places, and these situations, all came before us. (Click on the pics for full resolution.)

1895 GA

Georgia 1895


South Carolina 1898

1903 - Juvenile Convicts

1903 (juvenile convicts, location unknown)


North Carolina 1910 (wagons used to transport and house convicts during road work assignments)

1941 GA

Georgia 1941

Guard at the new Louisiana State Peniten

Louisiana 1955


Early 1900s

1907 Delaware

Delaware 1907

1930s Man_tied_to_pickaxes

Early 1930s (location unknonw)

Bartow County State Highway prisoners sm

Bartow County, Georgia


Sing Sing, NY


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