a thing you think about when you don’t even have an ugly kid

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of people who have beautiful daughters. Do they feel more paranoid for their offspring than parents of plainer looking girls do? Are there mother/daughter chats where Mom goes “Look, kid, you aren’t going to understand this just yet, but you need to be extra special careful out there”? Is there a moment, maybe over the breakfast table, when Dad looks up from his paper and suddenly really sees his kid for the first time, and thinks “Mother of God, what have I created here”? And what exactly do you do if you’re Marlene Dietrich’s father, other than try not to get run over?

2 Responses to “a thing you think about when you don’t even have an ugly kid”

  1. Doug Says:

    Well, I think all dads think their Daighters are goggeous. And we will protect them all with equal ferocity, too much probably.

  2. mary ann Says:

    How interesting to ponder that beautiful daughter thing. Oh, and
    a happy b.day to you, Mr. Blog…

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