All the Blues That’s Fit to Print

I’m at the point where, if the Republicans had a moderate candidate left in their ranks, I wouldn’t have that big a problem with Obama losing the election. A moderate Republican is less than a pipe-dream, of course, which leaves me with five reasons to hope for an Obama win—none of which are about the man per se.

1) As always, keeping the Supreme Court sane—or, more accurately, no more than 5/9ths insane.

2) Romney’s bullshit about being a businessman is perfect for Rotary meetings, less perfect for a country full of hurting people. Jack Donaghy is not the answer here.

3) Protecting Obamacare. Incomplete as it is, it’s a step in the right direction and, just as importantly, a step away from the wrong direction—i.e., doing nothing while people suffer. The one thing the right-wing has always feared, even more than a big Bill Clinton speech, is a massive government program which works so well that Americans come to expect it. With Romney in the White House, the GOP can de-nut Obamacare by 2014, but if they have to wait until 2016 to get at it, they’re going to have the dickens of a time explaining why millions of people are getting thrown off the rolls with nothing to take its place.

4) Not rewarding the racists, Birthers, Creationists, Randroids and other butt-picking Neanderthals on the one hand or the fingers-crossed lie-spewers (both amateur and professional) on the other for their open and utterly slimy efforts to derail a presidential administration amidst an epochal recession and a pair of wars. If the Democrats did something like that, it’d be easy to guess the exact names which these same sterling citizens would be hurling at them, and rightly so.

5) Not setting the bar for the presidency at so low a level that a man can say—literally—anything that comes to mind, and be elected. If Romney thought he could get votes by promising to wash every American’s dog next Saturday, he’d do that, and if it were expedient for him on Friday night to backtrack and insist that his promise was to wash our cats last Sunday, he’d do that, too. Obama tells his own whoppers, and I hate it just as much when that happens, but he does it rarely compared to Romney, who exhales lies like halitosis. You can’t even call Romney, who lacks both the flair and appeal of Father Coughlin, a demagogue. He’s just a salesman who jammed one foot in the door, and if Obama hadn’t brain-farted his way through the first debate we wouldn’t be having this chat. It’s only a matter of time before some bred-to-the-bone liar does win the White House, but can we please save that one until after I’m dead? I’d like to go to my grave not completely disillusioned with America.

Like I say, these are all Big Picture items that have zilch to do with Obama the man. If Don Knotts was president, I’d still be rooting for Fifecare.

2 Responses to “All the Blues That’s Fit to Print”

  1. David Garza Says:

    Good list. One more reason for not-Romney: torture.

  2. Tom Block Says:

    I forgot about the environment, too, but that’s going to blow up and kill us all anyway.

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