let all the children boo-geh

Bill Ham, the Internet’s Original King of Comedy, posted this on Facebook and, well, it’s irresistible.

5 Responses to “let all the children boo-geh”

  1. Jason L. Brown Says:

    It is – I just returned from reposting it myself when this turned up.

  2. Tom Block Says:

    Ham always did have good taste.

  3. Gary Says:

    Nice, but I’m partial to this one myself…

  4. Tom Block Says:

    Some of the choices in these things kill me. The Up With People kids in the first one, the disco ball tick-tocking in time to the music in this one. Yes, that just totally screams CRAZY!

    Still…David fucking Bowie…

  5. Gary Says:

    The Up With People kids are in every Top of the Pops performance of the era, doing the same desultory little dance move and looking a little bewildered. I love ’em.

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