Let the Good Times Rollo

Some people we’ve shared the planet with, without our ever suspecting it…

—from Bill Witliff’s Boystown: La Zona de Tolerancia

This book would’ve been a natural for me regardless—Tex-Mex culture, the seventies, and brothels all being long-time touchstones for me the same way Star Wars, Batman and Nancy Reagan are for normal people. (In fact the first time I got drunk was in Ciudad Acuña.) But it has the added attraction of containing a pic of the fellow whose haircut inspired the helmet-like do that Javier Bardem sports throughout No Country for Old Men (as if the very first picture of this bunch isn’t doing a good enough job of screaming “Cormac McCarthy!!!” at the top of its lungs). I haven’t yet nailed down exactly which photo it appears in, though, for the very good reason that apparently no good barbers could be found along the border back then. The book contains no less than half a dozen possible suspects…

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