A while back I told the old man to send me anything in the way of heirlooms which, for whatever sad or laughable reason, he’d like to pass on to the son he skipped out on half a century ago; at the time, he said he’d think about it, and then a couple weeks ago he told me that he was sending a couple boxes of stuff, so I was thinking, “Great! I have no idea what I’ll do with it other than be psychically crushed by its very presence, but whatever it is, bring it on.” That’s when I was picturing perhaps some photographs from his childhood, showing life as it was lived in an upper middle class Jewish household in Queens in the ’20s and ’30s, or some trinkets handed down to him by my beloved grandfather William Block. That was then; this is now. Tonight the boxes arrived, and if anyone here is interested in a couple of used electric razors (gray stubble included), a pair of butcher knives (for cutting my wrists, I presume), a photograph of a major league baseball game taken from such a distance you can’t even tell which teams are on the field, a giant Funk & Wagnall’s dictionary in mint condition, a copy of How to Clean Practically Anything (publisher: Consumer Reports Books), a beat-up Minolta camera (requires film), a Seiko wristwatch that’s a size too small for me, or a “genuine leather” credit card case which is a) white, and b) most clearly made of vinyl, why then, you’re welcome to them. However, I am keeping the 1878 silver dollar. In fact, that piece will take up its place of honor on my desk here, along with the tile from the square in Baghdad where that statue of Hussein got pulled down, the .30-30 cartridge from Peckinpah’s cabin, a handful of dirt from the Little Bighorn battlefield, and one of Loudcat’s whiskers.

One Response to “Jackpot!”

  1. Von D. Says:

    Check the dictionary carefully. If this was a movie, there’d be a treasure map in there.

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