D as in “Duh”

An exchange with my friend Barbara:

B: Did I tell you I saw Shane?

Me: Oh man, you poor thing. How’d you like it?

B: It is, like, just the Hell of repetition.

Me: Yes! Doesn’t it go on forever?

B: It’s just this guy going through the motions of life, but everything about it’s so dour. So hopeless.

Me: I know, I…Well, hm.

B: He’s just locked into this numbed cycle of joylessness. I mean, I get it! His life is terrible!

It was around this point that I realized she was talking about, not George Stevens’ wheezy old oater, but Shame, the Michael Fassbender upper about sex addiction. I’ve always known I didn’t like Shane, but I didn’t realize just what little esteem I hold it in until now.

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