“Four Nights with Anna” (2008)

Jerzy Skolimowski didn’t make a movie for 17 years, then came back with this meticulous, immensely sad story about a lumpy, inarticulate middle-aged man who becomes obsessed with a nurse living across the way. He manages to mix some sleeping powder into her tea, and each evening after she passes out he slips into her room and spends the night there, sewing buttons on her clothes, painting her toenails, and laying his head on the pillow beside hers so he can feel the closeness of another human being. In one long sequence Anna has just celebrated her birthday; when she goes to sleep, Leon puts on his suit and enters her flat, then picks at the leftovers while making small talk with himself, before hiding a diamond ring where the girl will find it someday. There’s a little bit more to the story than this, but not much; it’s a pretty minimalist affair without really feeling like one. Between Skolimowski’s boundless grace with a camera and Artur Steranko’s quiet, absorbing performance, I was shaken by the end of it.

One Response to ““Four Nights with Anna” (2008)”

  1. mary ann Says:

    oh, my…

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