Question Time

Spent the morning listening to the Parliament questioning. The tone was much less adversarial than I expected but the two Murdochs still made surprisingly bad fencers. (God, that James is a lummox. Without his dad around he’d be asking someone “You want mayonnaise or mustard with that?”) On the other hand I suspect Rebekah Brooks could make D’Artagnan her pin-cushion if she wanted to, but she knows—they all know—the one thing they can’t do right now is look high-handed. The most striking thing, though, after years of watching American Republicans stonewall even the simplest challenges to their right to destroy the solar system, was seeing Brooks actually engage her questioners and provide answers that actually bore information related to their questions. When one of them said “This is a simple yes or no question” she immediately obliged them with a simple “No”, which is just where Condi Rice would have talked for 10 solid minutes by way of providing the “necessary context” before finally concluding that the question can’t be answered yes or no…and, in any case, is classified.

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