“There’s a place for us…”

When I was compiling that list of Bogie and other depressing old man losers in my last post, I totally forgot to mention the very model of a modern middle-aged muddler. Bill Murray would’ve come to mind eventually just because he always does, but I was spurred to think of him last night thanks to Somewhere, Sofia Coppola’s remake of Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation.  By the way, movies blur together pretty badly for me nowadays so I made this little chart to keep those two straight in my mind:

                                             Lost in Trans.     Somewhere

Spectacularly pointless pole-dancing scenes:      0                 2

Fresh send-ups of film industry figures:          4                 0                                        0

Shots that go on way too long:                    0                144

Endings that leave you wondering where in
the hell this guy thinks he’s going:              0                 1

On-screen relationships that make it clear
Sofia is still working out some issues
with her dad:                                     1                 1

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