About three months ago my sister sent me a link to one of Saul Friedman’s posts on The Huffington Post and asked “Do you believe he’s still alive?” Saul was a good friend of my mom’s when she was working for LBJ’s poverty program in Houston in the mid ’60s ; he used to come to our house and we used to go to his all the time. (He was married and had a family.) He was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle then, and he was always warm and funny, he had a lot of great stories about the Freedom Riders and he was friends with King, he had a huge library, etc., etc.—in short he was just the kind of guy kids should be exposed to as often as possible. When my sis sent me the link I just kind of said “Huh”, but today I emailed him, identifying myself as the skinny 9 year old who was Merry Block’s son. Just now I got a reply from his daughter, who I would’ve known but don’t remember, saying that he died of stomach cancer on Xmas Eve “but he would have loved hearing from you.”

As Kathy would say, “ACK!!!”

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