Chapter Two: In Which My Mother Gets a Nose Job

This is normally a pretty pokey place—because, honestly, who can’t get enough of Tom Block gassing on about old Richard Conte movies?—so I was a little damn taken aback to see a 700% spike in my traffic the last couple days. One night I was sitting in a movie theater, waiting for the lights to go  down, and it was one of those times when, as the audience came trailing in and started picking out their seats,  the hum of anticipation was so palpable that it made you wonder just what it is about these  stories that keeps everyone coming back for more.  The old Coney Island entrepreneur  George C. Tilyou noticed that people will pay good money for the simple pleasure of watching other people having fun, but we enjoy watching them go through changes even more.  I don’t plan to avoid the subject of my family in the future, but I also don’t  want to hit the confessional buzzer just to goose my stats, and besides, without going into a lot of details that’d make everyone uncomfortable,  there’s no way I could top that post (or past) even if I wanted to. So officially, for now, let’s just say NO CHANGES, and see what the future brings.

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