Plop, plop, fizz, fizz…

It’s pretty damn far from perfect but, as Johnny Burns would say, “It’s somethin’ anyway.” Obama, Pelosi and Reid hung in there when the pooch looked totally screwed, which was impressive enough, and the Democrats finally stood together on an important issue, scoring common sense’s most tangible victory in America since the Panama Canal Treaty. The media’s buzzing now about what this’ll do to the Dems’ chances in the midterms, but it seems to me the outcome for the nutjobs is just as precipitous. The big thing they’ve always feared is a Democratic success story, something that would puncture Reagan’s myths about the horrors of big government. And with the vote passed, the teabaggers may get out of our faces for a day or two: their job now—to go home and work to defeat the congressmen who supported the bill—is a lot less fun than dressing up in Let’s Make a Deal costumes and staging a Fellini circus for the TV cameras. It doesn’t do anything to help how ugly this country’s gotten, of course, and the Republicans have already announced that they’re going to fight the bill through the reconciliation process and make it their central issue in the midterms. The fuckers are indefatigable, I gotta give ’em that…

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