Reports of my death…

Just a short note to say that for the nonce I’ll be splitting my time between this place and, the new political and cultural blog started by Glenn Smith of Austin, Texas. (Glenn is one of my oldest friends—I met the guy when we were juniors in high-school during the second Cleveland administration—and along with two or three other people I’ll be looking to him to support me when I retire in five years.) However, on the theory that the world can’t stand to lose even one blogger carrying necrophiliac torches for long-dead movie-stars, I do plan to keep this place up, and hopefully I’ll be trotting out some new material over the weekend. Though of course I did just have a three-day weekend during which time I posted not a single goddam thing, and a good chunk of this weekend is already promised to clothes shopping. Delightful! (Which, in this context, actually means: “Headachey! I don’t want to do it!”) So we’ll see. But in the meantime…Barbara Stanwyck! Doing her best Jennifer Jason Leigh impression! Can you ask for anything more?

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